Luxury apartments in Galtür, Ischgl, Tirol
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As a well-known ‘Luftkurort’ or ‘air spa’, Galtür receives many return visitors each year who seek sanctuary away from the lowlands where the pollen count can makes their life misery.

Thanks to the high standard of air quality and almost pollen-free air, allergy sufferers can enjoy long days without any of the typical eye irritations, sneezing bouts or coughing or shortness of breath.

Between May and October, our guests can relax in the village at an altitude of 1,600m in the clean mountain air and literally feel their symptoms subsiding within moments of arrival.

Our mild and stimulating climate also strengthens circulation whilst body fat is more easily broken down.

Guests suffering from complaints of the skin complaints, bronchitis and asthma are also quickly alleviated.

We are also lucky not to have virtually no ticks making walking in shorts so much enjoyable.

So, please come and take advantage of our climate and air quality and feel well and rested in no time at all.